A multi-use system designed to locate illicit cell phones. The Fixed Installation is designed to find illicit cell phones inside an entire secure or correctional facility and depict the identifying markers and locations of the phones on a computer screen using a graphic user interface (GUI).


The Mobile Application is designed to find illicit cellphones inside a portion of a secure or correctional facility and by moving the portable technology around cover an entire facility. The portability of the mobile application allows law enforcement personnel to take the technology with them in a vehicle and locate the phones of suspects  fleeing from justice in the community.


The Warden Solution is a unique solution for the challenges presented by the smuggling of cellular devices into correctional facilities.  These devices used illegally by inmates for a variety of purposes, including involvement in criminal activities conducted by their counterparts outside the prison walls or coordinating riots inside the prison itself, has become a significant challenge for prison services all over the world. Traditional jamming systems and even protocol based jamming methods have proven time and again to be inefficient in denying cellular services inside prisons.

How the Warden Solution works

The Warden Solution allows correctional facilities to locate illicit phones while complying with all Federal and State laws on telecommunications in the area.  Therefore, rather than trying to provide a solution focused on access management or denial of cellular services, the Warden Solution aims at delivering location detection capabilities of mobile devices, thus enabling prison staff to search for such devices more efficiently.  Moreover, as typical prison-wide access management system may become prohibitive due to budget or legal compliance, the Warden Solution is an affordable system allowing almost any prison to acquire it and use it effectively against contraband cellular devices.

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