A New Intelligence Model

The Threat Deterrence Intelligence Aggregation System or “The TDIA System” is the latest cutting-edge technology that discovers and aggregates new and existing intelligence information (including structured and unstructured data sources) in order to aid in investigations and notify law enforcement personnel in advance of a potential public safety threat. The TDIA System exploits existing but underused, independent data silos to optimize, automate, and convert pre-existing infrastructure into a common operating picture.


Using a wide variety of data-inputs (silos), the TDIA System compiles and analyzes information inputs, and then produces near real-time intelligence for immediate use by the respective investigators. The TDIA System reduces investigation time, increases case closures, and alerts Law Enforcement Organizations to trends in criminal activity in their area. The result is a more cost-effective and efficient action model.

How the TDIAS works

The TDIA System takes advantage of every data silo, including police reports, phone calls, and social media. The system detects behavioral patterns, language, and threats to its operational environment while adapting to the dynamic setting. The system continuously updates, intakes, and analyzes data, enabling the near real-time generation of actionable intelligence. The result is a consolidated intelligence asset able to maximize the value of all existing, underutilized, and non-automated correctional databases, delivered through an intuitive visual dashboard.

The TDIA System can work on several threats simultaneously and is compliant with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

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